Little Folks Annual Day

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My thanks to all the children and parents of Little Folks 2014-15,Mrs.Thaiyu Ramamurthy ex correspondent-DaintyDolls,Mrs Sudha asst professor /Commerce/Ehtiraj, Mrs.Revathy-Ex principal municipal high school Namakkal and now teacher for senior secondary classes,S.B,O,A


Transport theme-Littlefolkspreschool,Annanagar

Aim: To learn all aspects of transport

To recognize names of transport, wheels, ways/paths and places of transport, traffic signal, safety on the road shapes [bus] long and short, alphabets and numbers

On the road


 Traffic signal

Red says stop

green says go

Amber says slow

While crossing the street

DSC00324 DSC00326 DSC00327 DSC00328 DSC00330 DSC00331 DSC00334 DSC00336

 Airplane goes up in the sky

Ship goes sailing in the water

train goes in the railway track

car and bus go on the road

DSC00270DSC00277DSC00263DSC00278 DSC00269DSC00282  DSC00274 DSC00271   DSC00265  DSC00262 DSC00261

Here is the way we cross the road-every day and evening

When we see the red we stop- every day and evening

When we see the yellow we wait- every day and evening

When we see the green we go- every day and evening [my own, inspired by a song in http://www.everythingpreschool. com]


 Emma’s truck goes zoom zoom zoom

Rolls on the floor and around the room

Emma’s truck goes clickety clock

Rolls over to mommy who rolls it back.


Hello mr bus may I have a ride

OH yes of course  please step inside

Buy a ticket Boom, boom boom.

The wheels of the bus go round and round[2] all through the town

The wipers on the bus go swish

The doors of the bus go open /shut

The windows-up & down

The horns-beep

The babies I the bus wah

The mummies in the bus go sh


 Engine[2] #9, when it is ready it will shine , Engine[2] #9Then we will ride on the Mumbai line

 Fire engine

 Hurry hurry fire fighter

Hurry hurry start the engine

Hurry hurry turn the corner

Hurry hurry climb the ladder

Slowly slowly to the station


 Row [3] your boat


 I saw a ship a sailing

a sailing In the sea

And oh but it was laden with pretty things for thee

 Tall ship in the town

Lifts moving up and down.

Doors swinging round about

People moving in and out.

 I saw three ships go sailing by,

Sailing by, sailing by;

I saw three ships go sailing by,

On Christmas day in the morning.

I saw three birds come flying by

Flying by, flying by,
I saw three birds come flying by
On this beautiful day in the morning
I saw three cats come meowing by
Meowing by, Meowing by
I saw three cats come meowing by
On a sunny day in the morning

 Five little airplanes in a row, (hold up 5 fingers)

Some go fast; some go slow. (move hand fast, then slowly)

They fly up high and then zoom down. (fly hand up, then down)

And slowly, slowly touch the ground. (slowly bring hand down to the ground)

(Authors Unknown)